Retailers should focus on shopper missions to increase premium world beer sales, according to Carlsberg.

Speaking at the reveal of the San Miguel Rich List on 12 October, Carlsberg vice president of sales Alistair Grant told RN customers prefer premium beers as part of an occasion.

“World beers come at a premium and customers want to enjoy them as much as possible,” Mr Grant said.

“Retailers should promote them as part of an occasion whether that be a social gathering or a meal accompaniment.”

Samantha Coldbeck, of Wharfedale Premier in Hull, said: “The basket spend of premium alcohol shoppers is normally £10 compared to £7 elsewhere. We merchandise with foods because customers  buy them with meals.”

Robert Kirkwood, of Premier Express in Fife, said: “World beers like Russian Stouts do well and sell for £19.95. We sell up to 60 bottles per week.”

Carlsberg claims to have sold a million hectolitres of San Miguel in the past year. It is to distribute 200,000 San Miguel gift sets with pint glasses into convenience next month.