Mike Nicholls, Costcutter Dringhouses, York

Product: Ainsty Ales (£2.49 a bottle)

Where did you discover it?
When I had my old shop, in 2014, the owner lived nearby and the company was just starting out. He asked if we could stock his products. I’m always looking to support local businesses because they offer a point of difference. My sister runs a teepee-hire company and they work with Ainsty Ales at events, so they’re involved with the family quite a bit.

Who buys it?
Not just ale enthusiasts. Craft alcohol has increased in popularity over recent years and the customer base is growing to all different demographics as a result. The brand has established a name for itself over the past four years and locals know it well. The ale is just as popular as products from more well-known suppliers because of this.

Why is it so successful?
We sell at least 36 bottles every week. Each product is brewed in York and customers can trust where the products are coming from. I make an effort to promote local businesses and awareness of Ainsty Ales has increased as a result. There’s also a variety of different flavours in the range, and the variation means there’s a product for most types of customer.