For this week’s My Local Hero we have spoken to David Ingham about why Purity Brewery beers are so popular in his shop.

David Ingham - My Local HeroName: David Ingham

Store: Spar Bath Street

Location: Warwickshire

Product: Purity Brewery beers

Price: From £2 a bottle

Where did you discover it?

I was drinking it in a pub and thought it was a very good product. So the next day I phoned up and asked if they did retail and they said no but it would be coming soon. When it did, which was about eight years ago, I ordered them in and have been stocking products from Purity Brewery ever since.

Who buys it?

There are six different varieties from pale ale, to a stout to larger and they are quite popular with students. I find the beers also sell well to tourists as they like to buy something local when they visit.

Why is it so successful?

People around here like to buy local products and it is popular because people drink it in the pubs here too. I sell about £300 worth every two weeks and get a good margin of just over 20% on each bottle.

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