Molson-Coors1Molson Coors is driving sales in convenience with the launch of its new 60 Second Shop initiative, based on two years of shopper insight.

The initiative includes a new website that will be updated with 60-second pieces of information for retailers to help them improve their stores. There will also be a range of planograms available to download.

Ease of shop: 74% of shoppers appreciate anything a store can do to speed up their visit

Key occasions: 40% of shoppers say they want stores to get behind events and would be encouraged to buy more if different products were sold together. Molson Coors is providing PoS around occasions to help retailers drive sales

Value for money: 62% of beer and cider shoppers report that value for money is important for them. Value for money also includes stocking products that are supported by promotions.

Alpesh Mistry, customer marketing director at Molson Coors, told Retail Express: “We will host this on YouTube. We know most retailers are on smartphones and we wanted it to fit around the lifestyle of the retailer.”


To support the launch Molson Coors is giving retailers the chance to win one of 60 store makeovers, which includes an exclusive PoS package and free beer, cider and KP snacks stock. Twenty of those stores will receive a free chiller and five top winning stores will get a digital screen in the front of store to attract shoppers as well.

“We’re putting the shopper at the heart of our thinking. First it’s about them and their needs, then it’s about the retailers business then our brands dovetail what’s right for both,” said Mistry.

Store owners can enter by signing up before December 12 at