Jägermeister gives shot in the arm to party spirit sales

Jägermeister is launching the ‘Give it a shot’ campaign, which aims to change the way retailers think about the shot market.

Top tips
  • Create a party shelf higher up the fixture and include speciality brands to drive incremental sales
  • Sales of fractional bottle sizes are seeing double-digit growth so stock different sizes
  • Visibility is key – ensure party shots such as Jägermeister are visible during key trading times leading up to the weekend

The brand recognises that the convenience sector is becoming increasingly important when it comes to alcohol sales, with ‘a drink before going out’ now the most important off-trade occasion for 18-24 year olds.

The ‘Give it a shot’ initiative aims to define shots as ‘party spirits that are traditionally consumed neat in a shot format, but that also lend themselves to long serves including cocktails’. It illustrates steps retailers can take to increase their shot spirits sales, taking an almost on-trade approach to the off-trade.

“As the nation’s drinking habits and palettes are evolving, it’s notable that many retailers are not updating their range or in-store display to tap into this trend,” said Jonathan Dennys, Mast-Jägermeister UK customer marketing & insights controller. 

“With consumers embracing big night in occasions more than ever before – whether to enjoy a major television event, party occasion such as Halloween or as precursor to a night out – the potential opportunity for retailers to maximise their shot sales is huge.”


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