How you can take £2,000 a week with Alchemy Wings

London convenience retailers are partnering with a new app called Alchemy Wings, which is helping retailers across the capital make up to £2,000 a week

London convenience stores are taking £2,000 a week by partnering with Alchemy Wings, a website that is helping independent stores deliver alcohol and snacks online.

The Alchemy Wings site is currently operating in central London and attracted 50 retailers to sign up in the first two weeks.

Customers can order a range of products and bundles like cocktail and party kits for 24-hour delivery.

Retailers that sign up can set their own prices, list multiple stores and choose their opening hours. Alchemy Wings takes a commission off the price, but retailers can build that into the price they set.

Partnering retailers then have a receipt printer in their stores that notifies them when an order is received.

The company is aiming to launch in a second city within six months but is exploring other options to grow faster.

Sam Martin, Alchemy Wings founder, told Retail Express it was testing a new system where stores could sign up and register their own drivers in areas that are not currently covered.

“We can also clone our technology and rebrand it for other businesses. If a symbol group wanted to launch an ecommerce site we could get it ready in a week,” he added.


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