Heineken gives top tips on how to double sales with Rugby World Cup

With the Rugby World Cup only days away, retailers can double their sales by creating themed displays and maintaining strong availability during the tournament.

That was the advice from Craig Clarkson, off-trade category & trade marketing director for Heineken. He said that anticipation for the Rugby World Cup is starting to build and retailers need to remind people when the games are happening.

“Make sure the communication outside your store is as good as the communication inside your store because passers-by might not have remembered there’s a match on and might want to sit down with a beer to watch it,” he added.

There is also an opportunity to use the tournament to get creative. Clarkson said: “We once saw a great execution in one store where a guy had built an armchair out of Heineken, with a remote and a TV. Sometimes the most creative people get the best results.”

Heineken rugby legend Matt Dawson told Retail Express at the brand’s World Cup launch event: “The Rugby World Cup has never been as big of an opportunity as this year. I’ve never heard of a supplier creating an opportunity for someone to actually be at the coin toss [via their exclusive competition]. With the tournament in the UK, everyone is stepping up.”

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