Retailers can cash in on the trends towards low-alcohol and gin as Gordon's launches a two-strong Ultra Low Alcohol G&T range.

Available in Graprefruit and Lime flavours, the drinks contain 68 calories and have an ABV of 0.5%. They are available in 250ml single bottles and four-packs, RRP £1.49 and £4.99 respectively. 

Chris Brooks, Diageo senior innovation commercialisation manager, said: "There is opportunty for branded spirits within the low and no-alcohol category, with no-alcohol wine up by 66% and no-alcoholic beer showing 37% value growth."

The launch will be backed by digital and social media activity. The company is urging convenience retailers to merchandise the range in a dedicated display of low and no-alcohol drinks in the alcohol aisle, or next to premium adult soft drinks. 

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