Details of Tesco’s soon-to-launch discount chain Jack’s have been revealed in floorplans for one of the stores seen by Retail Express.

The floorplans (pictured) outline the features in the chain’s Chatteris store in Cambridgeshire, which is rumoured to be opening as early as September. The store is one of 60 sites sources claim are ear-marked for conversion from the supermarkets existing retail estate.

Closely following the path blazed by Aldi and Lidl, the 19,813 sq ft space has a shop floor of approximately 13,870 sq ft and features separate one-way entrances and exits, four conveyor belt tills and two self-service checkouts.

Retail Express shared the designs with shopfitters Koolmax to explain the layout. Project manager Steve Lawson responded: “It’s the size, shape and format of an Aldi or Lidl, there’s what looks to be display bins in the central gondola, and freezers and chillers on the right gondolas.”

The project manager added that the designs suggest a chilled alcohol section on the left of the store, ice cream freezers near the entrance and a food service counter to the right of the entrance.

“It’s nothing like an existing Express, Metro or any other Tesco format, the way they are displaying goods is very different from anything they’ve done before,” he added.

Earlier this year, Family Shopper retailers told Retail Express that they were concerned a discount store brand under Tesco might put them at odds with the symbol group.

Mosi Patel owner of Family Shopper in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester, said: “I’m not sure about it, food service is all about location. While I wouldn’t be happy about one of these opening nearby, I still think Tesco will struggle. They are late to the party on discounters," he siad. 

Amrit Singh from H & Jodie's Nisa Local in Walsall said the new format is on-trend and has potential.

“Generic categories are changing and everyone has to adapt. Just like this format, we’ve also got a large section of non-food to keep pace with the likes of B&M. Tesco’s model attempts to close the gap between agile independents and rigid supermarkets, but as long as independents remain versatile I think we will have the edge,” he said. 

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