Doom Bar Zero alcohol launched by Sharp’s Brewery

Doom Bar Zero is currently available in Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Amazon with plans to launch in Booker from September

Tapping into the growing demand for low- and no-alcohol lines, Sharp’s Brewery is launching Doom Bar Zero, available through Booker from September.

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The company claims the 0% ABV ale retains a similar flavour and style to the Doom Bar brand, while achieving 0% alcohol.

The alcohol-free ale will be available in 500ml formats, containing a sweet roasted malt flavour and a subtle green hop aroma and offers hints of succulent dried fruit and a slight bitterness.

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James Nicholls, marketing controller at Sharp’s Brewery, said: “While there has been a surge in the number of low- andnno-alcohol beers on the market, a number of options currently available contain 0.5% ABV.

“Doom Bar Zero is the UK’s first widely available 0% ABV amber ale and we feel this launch will redefine the quality standard of the category and feel that Doom Bar Zero can fit your lifestyle, when it suits you.”

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