vocation big squeeze

Craft beer brewery Vocation has launched a trio of lower alcohol beers to appeal to a wider range of drinkers.

The lowest ABV launch is called Permanent Vacation (1% ABV), made in collaboration with speciality low- and no-alcohol brewer Mash Gang.

The second launch is Lower Altitude, a 2.8% ABV table beer, which is the brewery’s first table beer.

The third launch is Big Squeeze, a mango pale ale with a 4% ABV and made with fresh mango juice and mango purée.

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All three beers are available now to convenience retailers.

Rick Stenson, managing director of Vocation Brewery, said: “In the past, many craft breweries have tended to err towards strong flavoured higher alcohol beers, which have a niche appeal. We believe these beers form an important part of the craft beer industry but at the same time, we think there has been a shortage of high-quality craft beers which have the same full flavour profile but with a lower ABV.

“We want to open the craft beer market up to new drinkers and to make it accessible to all people – and we appreciate that not all people are looking to drink the higher ABV craft beers. Sometimes a lower ABV alternative is needed but with the same big personality flavours.”

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