Budweiser is on the hunt for Britain’s greatest amateur goals in its new ‘dream goal’ football campaign with Sky Sports.

Fronted by footballers-turned-pundits Gary Neville, Jamie Redknapp, Ed Chamberlin and Martin Tyler, the campaign will be communicated across 4x568ml, 12x300ml, 6x300ml and 18x440ml packs. 12x300ml and 12x400ml packs have also launched for the campaign.

Budweiser will work with Sky Sports, TalkSport, The Lad Bible, The Sport Bible, Buzzfeed and Grass Root Goals to promote the competition. Customers will be able to enter the competition via the Bud app.

Meanwhile, The Football Association has announced Budweiser will become the Official Beer Partner of the FA Cup until 2018.

Budweiser will be served at the semi-finals and the finals of the FA Cup.

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