Brothers found guilty of murdering newsagent Choudhry Zishan

Choudhry Zishan

Two brothers have been found guilty of murdering Choudhry Zishan, a newsagent in Eastleigh, on his way to work.

Mr Zishan, 35, died in hospital from head injuries after he was assaulted by the men, while his pregnant wife and son were in their home.

Jonathan McKinley, 23, and his brother Samuel, 25, were accused of robbing and leaving the newsagent for dead, after a “savage drunken beating.”

Unconscious and unable to defend himself, the brothers stole cash, credit cards and cigarettes from Zishan in the early hours of March 30 in Hampshire. Left lying in the road, post mortem results found that he died from brain injury and a fractured skull.

The defendants denied killing the retailer, but Terri Connor, of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Witnesses living nearby were awoken by the sound of the attack.”

“Repeated threats and demands for money were heard”. Parts of the attack were captured on CCTV.

The jury heard how the brothers used the stolen money to buy more alcohol.

Due to be sentenced on Friday, the trial lasted three and a half weeks in Winchester Crown Court.


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