pizza, beer, alcohol, cider, acsTaking part is the sign of a good retailer, analysis by Menzies Distribution claims and Paul Cheema, who runs a Costcutter in Coventry learned lots from teaming up with Heineken in the ACS’s store challenge.

He was persuaded to remerchandise his beer, cider and ale range and to promote a big night in deal with pizzas selling alongside lager.

Mr Cheema says he delisted lines to bring in new products and changed the flow from cider, ale, lager to ale, cider, lager. This helped him grow ale and cider sales by 8.2 per cent and 31.6 per cent respectively year on year.

Selling two pizzas and eight cans of lager for £10 was a big success. He also used in-store tastings to generate theatre.

As a result of working with Heineken, Mr Cheema says he has been able to do similar work with other suppliers.

For example, working with Cadbury has increased his confectionery sales by 9 per cent. Using supplier insight works. It is simple, low cost and easy to follow.