Bargain Booze franchisees have welcomed new agreements introduced by Bestway following a series of roadshow events.

The new deals allow stores to source 10% of goods from other suppliers, improve core grocery ranges and margins, and gives 21 days credit on all orders from Bestway.

Phil Dickson runs 39 Bargain Booze stores in the North West of England, he told Retail Express: “It puts us in a position for growth. After the issues with Conviviality we’ve now got our head up and looking forward to the future.”

Gareth Wynne, owner of Bargain Booze Select Convenience store in Mold in Wales said: “More flexibility means that we can run our shops in a way that is right for us and the communities in which we operate.”

Bestway Retail managing director David Robinson explained the expanded buying option he said: “We do not want customers to come into our stores for our sector-leading deals in alcohol then pop up the road to complete their shop.”

Discussing the 10% allowance for externally-sourced goods, Dickson said: “It shows Bestway are committed to a true working partnership. It allows us to respond better to what our customers want and tofeed this back to Bestway as well. It’s a piece of genius.”

Robinson said franchisees see “a brighter future” and said Bestway was helping retailers to expand their estates. However, the legacy of Conviviality’s collapse remains, with one retailer stating they were “struggling to get by” following dented sales and more than £9m-worth of shares held by franchisees being made worthless.

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