Californian brand Barefoot Wine is tapping into the trend for single serve formats with a new 187ml range containing its popular Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Pink Moscato lines.

The new bottles are available to retailers now and are targeted at customers wanting to have a glass of wine during the week or to drink on the go.

Olga Senkina, marketing director at Barefoot Wine, said: “Single serve formats are a rapidly growing category and we feel confident this range will enable consumers to mix and match their favourites whatever the occasion.”

Barefoot – the biggest bottled wine brand in the world – believes that the new range offers a solution for those consumers looking to “grab and go” or those looking to “mix and match” their wines.

Senkina advised that the wines sit in the chiller cabinet to ensure that they are ready to drink for those on-the-go consumers looking for a single serve of the three varieties.