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Consumers are turning away from alcohol and looking to premium offerings within the non-alcoholic sector. 

That's the view of Britvic, which has just unveiled a raft of research into the drinks market alongside consumer views in the run-up to Christmas.  It suggested that more than one in five consumers thought there weren’t enough premium soft drink options, a figure that rose one in four among consumers aged between 25 and 34 years old. 

The report added: “It highlights a major gap in the market that retailers can fill by stocking premium ranges in the chiller.”

Vip Panchmatia, of Hexagon Stores, Hampshire, said: “Our alcohol sales are still going up, but customers might be looking more to premium drinks in the same way they are looking to ales and craft beers.”

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By Helena Drakakis Avatar
By Helena Drakakis 20 Nov, 2017



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