Would you support a water refill scheme in your shop?

Yes (62%)

No (38%)

What is having the biggest impact on the sustainability of the high street?

Business rates (67%)

Parking charges (0%)

Town planning (33%)

Online retailing (0%)

Would you offer customers discounts on hot drinks if they bring reusable cups in-store?

Yes (60%)

No (40%)

Do you think clearer labelling of low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks would increase sales?

Yes (86%)

No (14%)

Which sort of fizzy drinks do you now sell more of in your store?

Full sugar (0%)

Diet (100%)

Zero sugar (0%)

Do you feel prepared for the sugar levy?

Yes (33%)

No (33%)

I'm getting there (33%)

Would you consider a sub-retailing partnership to improve the profitability of your newspapers?

Yes (0%)

No (0%)

I already do this (0%)

How good is availability from your main wholesaler?

Great – no complaints (20%)

Good – a few gaps but no real issue (60%)

Average – essential items regularly missing (0%)

Poor – I plan to switch wholesaler (20%)

What drives most footfall to your store?

Newspapers/lottery (14%)

Food to go/coffee (29%)

PayPoint/Payzone (0%)

Parcels (57%)

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