How have you responded to the ban on charging for card payments?

I’m still charging (0%)

I have a minimum spend (50%)

I’ve increased my prices (50%)

I’m renegotiating my card machine contract (0%)

Have you banned sales of energy drinks to under-16s?

Yes (100%)

No (0%)

I plan to (0%)

Have you extended your opening hours in the past year to make your store more convenient?

Yes (50%)

No (50%)

I’m planning to (0%)

What will prompt best growth in your store next year?

Food-to-go (0%)

In-store services (0%)

Refit or store improvements (0%)

Social media and marketing? (100%)

Have specialist products drawn new customers to your store this Christmas?

Yes (0%)

No (0%)

Are you prepared for changes to data protection laws in May?

Yes (60%)

Not yet (0%)

What new laws? (40%)

Are you paying more for an alternative supplier to Palmer & Harvey?

More (67%)

The same (0%)

Less (33%)

Which category would you most like publishers to provide better promotional support for?

Collectables (27%)

Magazines for adults (18%)

Magazines for children (55%)

Have you changed your store’s food to go offer this year to help you compete with big-brand chains like Greggs?

Yes (33%)

No (67%)

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