During the hot weather, what category makes your alcohol sales shine?

Craft spirits (50%)

Beers and Lagers (50%)

Wine (0%)

From which multipacks and large formats have you seen the biggest sales increase this year?

Alcohol (100%)

Confectionery (0%)

Soft drinks (0%)

Grocery (0%)

Will the expansion of Scottish fascias and wholesalers in the UK create healthy competition in your area?

Yes (0%)

No (0%)

Don't know (0%)

Would a reduction in plastic packaging on food to go items increase customer loyalty in your store?

Yes (0%)

No (100%)

Don't know (0%)

Have you rationalised your range one year on from EUTPD?

No (50%)

Yes according to price (0%)

Yes according to bestsellers (50%)

Are you ready for the new GDPR regulations on 25 May?

Yes (0%)

Getting there (0%)

No - I don't understand them (100%)

No (0%)

What effect have local bank branch closures had on your business?

No effect (100%)

Reduced footfall (0%)

Reduced turnover (0%)

Increased difficulty banking (0%)

Have you switched symbol groups in the past year?

Yes (0%)

No, but I’m planning to (0%)

No – I’m happy with my group (100%)

How have you begun reducing plastic packaging in your store?

Glass milk bottles (0%)

Loose fruit and veg (100%)

Wooden takeaway forks (0%)

Other (0%)

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