Have you seen a boost in own-label products in the past year?

Yes (61%)

No (24%)

Mixed (15%)

Would you like to see more government support for vaping?

Yes (85%)

No (0%)

Don't mind (15%)

Are you concerned about the Today’s Group and Landmark merger?

Yes (70%)

No (30%)

Would you submit payment issues as evidence to be lobbied in government?

Yes (33%)

No (67%)

Have you experienced supplier issues after the publication of the Brexit white paper?

Yes (92%)

No (8%)

Would a 2% sales tax help resolve your business rates problems?

Yes (75%)

No (0%)

I need to see it in action first (25%)

Will the acquisition of Payzone by the PostOffice drive extra footfall in your store?

Yes (50%)

No (50%)

Won't make much difference (0%)

Are you worried about the carbon dioxide shortage?

Yes (78%)

No (22%)

What is your most popular method of payment?

Contactless card (100%)

Chip and Pin (0%)

Cash (0%)

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