PayPoint faces eBay complaints

PayPoint faces eBay complaints
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PayPoint is looking at ways to make the handling of eBay parcels easier following retailer complaints.

Unlike most other parcels from alternative providers, eBay collections cannot be scanned out and the cashier must enter a manual code to process the deliveries. The commission paid to retailers is also lower at 25p per parcel.

Leon Hill, of Spar Stithians in Cornwall, said: “PayPoint had a chance to build relationships with retailers, but with this, it’s not really happening.”

Steve O’Neill, PayPoint’s marketing director, told RN improvements are being made to the existing service: “We are looking at ways to make this easier, including being able to use the imminent Collect+ Storescan app to read the code,” he said.

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By Megan Humphrey Avatar
By Megan Humphrey 01 Dec, 2018



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