Last Wednesday, RN news editor Gurpreet Samrai and I spent a fascinating night and morning in Menzies’ Wakefield super hub, seeing first-hand the news and magazines packing, returns and delivery process.

The timing was interesting, as it was the same week you’d told us service from Menzies’ Wakefield depot has turned a corner in the past few months. With this in mind, we took six reader concerns covered in RN since the summer to find out how they have been addressed and what improvements have been made.

I discovered one factor in any service improvements out on a delivery round – my driver

Depot manager Allen Harrigan and his team were candid about what they’ve got right and where further improvement is needed. You can read about what we learnt this week and next week in RN.

I discovered one factor in any service improvements out on a delivery round – my driver, Alan Fulton. At 24 years of age, and having joined the business eight months ago, Alan spoke about how he goes out of his way to ensure independent retailers don’t lose business from late deliveries.

He’d already been out before our 4.15am run to deliver and collect magazines to speed up the newspaper deliveries. I saw him leaving papers in vans and car washes, chatting to service station night staff and helping bring in totes for other drivers at the end of his shift. I don’t believe it was for my benefit, either.

One of the main problems you experienced was caused by inexperienced staff. My experience highlights the improvements made, as well as the importance of recruiting and developing brilliant people. It’s just one of the areas Menzies must keep focusing on if it is to fully address your issues in a sustainable way for the future.