Sometimes in the world of newspapers and magazines it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, obsessing about perceived threats and uncertain opportunities.

We are undoubtedly in an age of unchartered territory. For some traditional publishers and retailers of print, digital is largely seen as a threat…but is it? Behold the rise of the superuser – the 21st century hybrid user of both platforms could, in fact, be the saviour of magazines.

This user uses the complementary nature of each medium to its advantage – online or via a mobile for portable, quick-fix, up-to-date information and print for a deeper engagement with their hobbies, interests and passions. Evidence suggests these users form longer attachments to magazine brands than other users.

Taking the superuser principle, there’s an interesting idea about growing the magazine category in-store. How do retailers use their social media, Facebook pages and other online resources to bring people in and make a magazine offering relevant to their audience?

Last week, we featured retailer Christine Hope, in Herefordshire, who was using a 20% January discount on magazines to entice customers, ask them about what they’d like to see on the shelf, and then rationalising her stock.

I also read a case recently from Australia whereby publishers had grouped together to offer big-prize competitions only available to those who were loyal to independents. The news gets out there via websites and social media, but there’s still much mileage in the longevity of in-store loyalty.