OPINION: Retailers react: ‘We need training on vaping legislation’

Retailers discuss the news that stores are routinely unaware of the age restrictions around e-liquids

Retailers are at risk from compliance issues with e-liquids due to poor regulation and “unscrupulous operators” according to industry experts. 

Read below to see how shop owners responded to the original Retail Express article exploring issues around age related sales and vaping.

Amish Shingadia, Shingadia’s Londis Caterways“The vaping market is not very well regulated. Many retailers are unsure and think that under 18s can buy them. The problem is partly because they can get hold of vaping products online. Packaging really needs to be improved—it needs to be clearer and marketed for people over 18. Vaping companies should supply stickers and signs that retailers can use. Test purchasing needs to be enforced a lot stronger and the government also needs to take action in making sure legal compliance becomes consistent throughout the market.”

Abada Akhtar, Premier Smeaton Stores: “Vaping products are classed as tobacco products and same age restrictions apply. But many retailers are unfortunately uninformed about this. This is the misconception within the market. We are aware of the age restriction and we always challenge customers who look under 25. We are very strict with our ID checks and do it even before we show them the range of products that we have. Legislation used to be more relaxed with vaping products, but it is becoming stricter now.”

Hitesh Modi, Costcutter BWS“Not enough retailers are informed about the age restriction. We need training on vaping and the legislations around it because the product is still very new to many retailers. Some retailers still have no idea what the vaping is and for this reason, the government and suppliers need to be clear about what they are selling. We need to receive signs that we can use, training and information and only then can we ensure that all retailers handle the vaping market responsibly.”

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