For this week's My Local Hero we spoke to Jai Rai about his groundbreaking burger idea

Jai-Singh_avatar_1464359560.jpgName: Jai Rai

Store: MJ’s Go Local Extra

Location: Sheffield

Product: The Henderson’s Burger, £2.10 for 2 x 200g


Where did you discover it?

In Sheffield, Henderson’s relish is an institution, so I wanted to sell a burger that used it as a key ingredient. I approached Patterson’s butchers, another Sheffield institution, and they experimented a bit with the flavour. Patterson’s tried it out on the hairdressers in the salon across the road from their shop, and my wife and I sampled the product too, so you could say it was a community effort. We all said they needed to add more relish. Once they did that, the burgers were good to go.

Who buys them?

We introduced the Henderson’s Burger at the back end of summer. It’s proved popular with families having barbecues, and they’ve given us positive feedback, so the product appeals to people of all ages. The burgers are easy to cook so we’ve sold a lot to customers who are coming in from work in the evening and want a simple meal that won’t take too long to cook. We sell them for £2.10 for a pack of two and have been shifting around ten packs per week.    

What makes them a success?

Patterson’s infuse their meat with Henderson’s relish and it makes for a delicious combination. As with all my products, I want to source the very best and for meat there’s nobody better in our area than Patterson’s. The Henderson’s burger has a really distinctive flavour which I hope customers will associate with Sheffield. 

Next week we will be speaking to Josh Taylor from Cornwall.