Sandeep Bains, Simply Fresh, Faversham, Kent

Product: Local small breweries (Whitstable, Boutilliers, Ramsgate)
Bottles and cans, three for £6 (two for £7)

Where did you discover them?
We have Britain’s oldest brewery at the end of the road, Shepherd Neame, so there is a real culture of ale-drinking in this area. This has grown to include craft beers, so we went to local small breweries, too, like Whitstable and Boutilliers.

Who buys them?
Everyone really. We have a reputation for having a big range of interesting beers, so there is no one type of customer. There seems to be a real desire to experiment at the moment, so we get different people trying out our local beers.

Why are they so successful?
The local area has always had a culture of ale-drinking, so we are really well placed. There are about five or six small breweries in the area now, and people like to support the local economy by buying their beers.