One Stop retailers to drive Slush Puppie sales with four limited-edition 'Flavour Treats'

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One Stop retailers can grow their Slush Puppie sales this summer, with access to four limited-edition flavours from April to September.

The trade plan will give retailers the opportunity to stock one limited-edition flavour each month. Fruit Salad will be available until mid-May, with Blackcurrant Burst, Strawberry & Cream and Sour Apple to follow.

Shelley Goel, owner of One Stop Gospel Lane in Birmingham, has a Slush Puppie machine at the front of his 1,000sq ft shop.

"The machine is very important to our store. We even include the drinks in the meal deal because it's so popular," he said.

One Stop and Slush Puppie first teamed up in 2016 to help retailers improve their gross margin.

Galen Levi, One Stop Franchise head of product, said: "Our franchisees who have signed up for Slush Puppie have seen some phenomenal summer sales, so we were keen to work even closer with Slush Puppies to seek further opportunities throughout the year."

By Chris Dillon Avatar
By Chris Dillon 19 Apr, 2017



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