A retailer fed up with receiving his papers late has seen his delivery times improve after launching a petition for his customers to tell publishers they are disappointed at the way the shop is being treated.

Adrian Cooke, of Hockley Station Kiosk in Hockley, Essex, urged his customers to sign the petition before sending it to all publishers, wholesaler Menzies and MPs. He outlined the problems he is facing and called on them to act to ensure he receives his papers on time.

“It’s been getting worse since February,” Mr Cooke said. “The papers were getting later and later. We open at 5.30am, while the papers were arriving between 6am and 6.30am. We were missing on average three or four trains, which meant 10 or 15 papers per train, that’s a lot of lost sales we can’t afford. Our customers were getting more and more annoyed and if they don’t bother coming in because they don’t think we’ll have papers, we’ve lost them all together.”

He said he had gone through all the usual channels, using Twitter to highlight how late his papers were, calling and writing to Menzies and publishers, before his NFRN membership service manager suggested the petition.

Mr Cooke said: “We put the petition on the counter for two weeks; it wasn’t easy, trying to serve customers who were rushing for a train and asking them to sign it.”

After amassing enough signatures, Mr Cooke sent it to every newspaper publisher.

At the time RN went to press, he’d received a reply from the Daily Mail, which took up his case and told him his delivery run is now leaving earlier and his slot has moved to an earlier time.

A Menzies spokesman said: “We have been working with Mr Cooke to help resolve this issue over the last few weeks and Mr Cooke has reported improved delivery times. We will continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks and keep in contact with Mr Cooke to ensure that we do everything we can to meet delivery times.”