Publishers need to work collectively to support magazines on the newsstand rather than compete against each other, industry experts have warned.

The advice comes as speakers at the PPA Festival last week said that publishers were increasingly having to compete against other products for more shelf space, rather than with magazines, and needed to communicate better to retailers the value of the newsstand in their store.

Collaborating to provide retailers with more generic PoS materials and promotions across their respective sub-segments rather than just for their own titles was one of the recommendations made to publishers.

Speaking to RN, Roger Williams, associate publisher at Hello! magazine, and member of the PPA Retail Marketing Group (RMG), said: “I’d like to see PoS materials and promotions that are more generic and about promoting the whole sector, not just one title. That’s where publishers are missing out. Particularly for seasonal and cultural events such as Easter or the Queen’s birthday – we need to get just as involved as other sectors do.”

Mr Williams told RN that the RMG is in the process of trialling a generic PoS promotion for the children’s category in Tesco with a group of distributors and publishers, but hopes to trial similar promotions across stores nationwide.

He added: “Retailers love good display materials, and there’s no reason why a double facing unit can’t be developed for a whole sector so that retailers can decide for themselves which magazines they want to promote at the front – whether that’s a high-revenue best-selling niche title for that store or a special covermounted issue.”

Meanwhile, Nicola Rowe, director of Member Services at the PPA said that publishers were increasingly having to compete against other store products for space. She said: “Retail is crucial to magazines as it can offer a theatrical and physical browsing element unique to that channel. To sustain and grow this market publishers need to take a more holistic approach within sub-segment and provide better support.”000