This week in magazines: Weighty matters

Retailers might have noticed a couple of magazines carrying extra weight recently.

Retailers might have noticed a couple of titles carrying extra weight recently. Publishers have been in touch to tell RN that Marie Claire and Grazia  are boasting their biggest ever number of advertising pages. Why should retailers be bothered in the slightest?

While it won’t help to drive circulation, it certainly points to the ongoing health of print. Advertisers still recognise the power of the newsstand in reaching consumers and don’t seem to be put off by declining circulation.

The latest ABC report pointing to the huge spikes in circulation witnessed on seasonal issues of some titles is also worth bearing in mind. Advertisers will pick and choose which editions will give them the best exposure.

Advertising is crucial for publishers. The revenue mix for every magazine will be different but few paid-for titles rely solely on the amount of cash coming in from either cover price or display.

In the newspaper industry, publishers have blamed falling advertising for the need to squeeze margins, so anything which appears to be bolstering the health of magazines is welcome, although there’s no suggestion that magazine margins are about to come under pressure in the immediate future.

Other good news comes this week in the shape of more launches. Kids’ products appear at times to be propping up the market and in the same way that publishers are following the money, retailers should get behind the most successful newsstand sectors.


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