Few people look forward to September. It means the end of the summer and a return to work or school for many. But it is boom time for the newsstand and magazines.

Not only is it the best time of the year to canvass for new HND customers, but several magazine sectors see their sales increasing.

Partwork publishers have kicked off the autumn launch season with no fewer than four titles which have been well received and are expected to continue the market’s upward trajectory.

Craft magazines will enjoy their most profitable period between now and Christmas as hobbyists begin work on festive projects.

The return to school for millions of children will also herald a surge on collectables. Topps is back this week with a new Moshi Monsters collection. The brand remains one of the newsstand’s biggest success stories thanks to a magazine and collectables topping sales charts.

It is also gearing up to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the return of Doctor Who this autumn with its Alien Attax cards. The inclusion of pieces of original costume on limited edition cards is intriguing and is sure to attract fanatic Whovians of all ages.

Panini, meanwhile, brings another well-known kids’ character to the format in the shape of Peppa Pig.

And Magic Box will be hoping to repeat the success of its huge Gogo’s Crazy Bones collection of a few years ago with its latest offering Plants Vs Zombies.