Publisher IPC’s current incentive scheme to encourage retailers to display posters advertising that they stock Zoo magazines is an intriguing concept.

PoS packs will be sent to 4,000 retailers close to Co-op stores, which have famously delisted the title in a row over modesty bags. In return for a £5 reduction on retailers’ newsbills, they need to send a photo of the poster in their window and keep it there for a week.

RN always considers whether readers are getting a fair deal on this sort of promotion. The first thing to bear in mind is that the bounty is open to only the first 1,000 shopkeepers. Still, that adds up to a £5,000 investment – on top of getting the posters to the trade in the first place.

Another issue is what a publisher could expect to get from paying that sort of money to a large grocer. One industry figure tells us the sum would get him promotional space in a supermarket’s entire estate of stores for one week – or two at a push.

Also remember that if the promotion works it may drive footfall. Zoo readers are likely to pick up soft drinks, lottery tickets and tobacco at the same time. All offer good revenue on top of the 47.5p per copy you’ll earn for selling every copy.

Crucially, the decision lies with the retailer. Displaying a poster advertising that the title is for sale won’t be to everyone’s taste with the current backlash against men’s interest being waged by pressure groups. With window space often at a premium, others will find that they want to devote it to another product or category.