Trinity Mirror’s new weekday paper The New Day presents a £6m profit opportunity for retailers bringing back lapsed readers to the news category.

The title launches on Monday and retailers will give away two million free copies, earning 10p per copy.

It will then cost 25p for the next nine days, before increasing to 50p on Monday 14 March. Retailers will be paid 11.6p margin from Tuesday onwards.

Trinity Mirror is targeting a settle-down sale of 200,000 copies a day. If every retailer sells five copies a day to lapsed newspaper readers, the new paper will generate an additional £6,032,000 in profit margin.

Editor Alison Phillips told RN in an exclusive interview that the new title will be optimistic, balanced, politically unbiased and won’t sensationalise the previous day’s news.

Ray Monelle, from Orchard News in Weston-super-Mare, said: “It’s refreshing to have something totally new in the trade. If the editorial targets younger readers, there’s a good chance it will bring people back to the category.

“It’s not like the i, because I know where the price is going up to. I am totally behind it.”

NFRN national president Ralph Patel said: “I think it will bring lapsed readers back. People are fed up with doom and gloom. Newspapers are too depressing. It’s why they don’t sell.”

Mr Patel encouraged retailers to promote the title using the free PoS material available with this issue of Retail Newsagent.

“Tell your customers about it, create eye-catching displays and give it your 100% support,” he said.

Kamlesh Patel, from Londis Manor Park, added: “Young people don’t want pages and pages of news. They want something fresher. It can’t be too serious.

“Retailers giving out free copies on launch day is the right way to do it, as long as there are enough copies. We need to turn them into money.”