Telegraph newspapers

The Telegraph is to increase the size of its weekend newspapers and magazines at the end of January.

In a letter to retailers, seen by betterRetailing, the newspaper said: “From the issue dated 29 January, we are launching a new bigger format Telegraph magazine, with an improved quality over and even more agenda-setting journalism. There will also be a new weekly puzzles pull-out in the Saturday newspaper.”

The broadsheet added the Sunday Telegraph would also “become home to a weekly puzzles pullout section.” “The Sunday Telegraph comment and features section will be enhanced with a new weekly news review long-read and weekly interview slot,” it said. “There will also be a revamped Sunday section featuring the very best of our lifestyle and travel, which will now include the addition of Stella’s brilliant journalism.”

The changes also meant Stella stopped being published as a standalone magazine, with the final issue published on 23 January.

The increase in size has faced criticism from newsagents, who warned it would increase pressure on home news deliveries. Newsagent Jim Mitchell said: “These changes will affect our business. These changes will increase the size – and overall weight – of the Telegraph’s Saturday and Sunday newspapers. Our delivery boys and girls are already struggling with additional weight(s) of broadsheet publications, without commensurate payment.

“School children who are 13-years-old are expected to post newspapers containing several sections – with accompanying magazines – through narrow slots, often referred-to as letter boxes.”