The Sun is to up its price by 10p on a Saturday and 20p on a Sunday – with a slight cut of terms for retailers.

The Sun on Sunday will cost £1 from this week, while retailer margins will drop from 22% to 21%. The amount earned per copy will increase significantly from 17.6p to 21p.

Meanwhile, the Saturday edition will have a cover price of 70p and retailer margins will fall from 22% to 21.40%. The amount earned per copy will rise from 13.2p to 14.98p.

News UK chief marketing officer Chris Duncan said: “As well as the attraction of high sales and good margins from our titles, The Sun on Saturday and Sunday support retailers in securing customer footfall and the benefits of additional basket spend.

“Our new weekend pricing will now bring us in line with the majority of the best-selling weekend titles.

“The changes will also support the continued investment News UK is making in its print products, helping retailers to enjoy growing sales value and better cash margins.”