Print readers of the The Sun will be able to access online football clips and rewards via Sun+ without paying the same subscription as web-users – as long as they buy a copy five days a week.

Sun+ launches this weekend with the main draw being footage of “as live” Premier League action which will show clips of goals within minutes.

Retailers are being urged to make the benefits of regular print readership clear to customers and will be supported by a raft of PoS and merchandising opportunities.

Rather than pay subscription of £2 per week, readers will be able to collect 20 printed codes and redeem them for a month’s subscription.

News UK partner sales manager Lizzie Unsworth said: “We believe that there are opportunities for retailers to grow sales and drive frequency or purchase by upselling.  If customers are only buying copies on Saturday or Sunday or four days a week, for very little extra, they can upgrade to the full digital package.

“We want loyal print readers to have access to our online content for no extra charge.”

The Sun’s field sales team will be distributing posters, shelf talkers and carrier bags.

News UK hopes that introducing a so-called paywall for its online content will help to slow print sales decline in the same way as it has with The Times.

“Paid content has really separated who chooses to pay for what and how,” added Ms Unsworth.