papersySlightly tongue in cheek, but my wife and I are above average newsagents. That is to say we sell more newspapers each day than at least 50% of the country’s newspaper selling sites. Following News International’s decision to reduce the amount of cash that we make from selling the Sun, I have undertaken a review of just what newspapers are worth to our business. Although we do offer a morning newspaper delivery service I have specifically investigated the value of just our casual newspaper sales.

newspaperstableI have taken a look at our daily newspaper sales and gross profit figures to see what each title delivers to us. I have also measured the shop and calculated how much each metre of display space costs us to provide, staff, rent etc. For a full facing on our newspaper display stand it’s 50p per day. So as you can see our slowest 7 titles aren’t worth a full facing which is in itself revealing as that’s how we currently display 4 of them.

The next question we are asking ourselves is should we give the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail a double facing and more importantly will the publishers help us by giving/allowing us full availability?