Retailers are seeing a high demand for new football collectables albums launched by Panini, with Welsh stores reporting they were out of stock of their team’s album only 24-hours after it went on sale.

The starter pack and stickers form the first Welsh offering from the collectables company, and celebrate the team’s October 2015 historic place in their first-ever Euro finals.

Last week customers on Twitter reported that WHSmith in Newport had sold out of albums on the on-sale day. One day later, Newport newsagent Jon Powell also reported he’d sold out of albums but that he had stickers left in stock.

He said: “Wales has never had a sticker album, and the English albums don’t sell here. It’s gone mad. I’ve not sold a single album to a child, only adults, and I’ve had to put another order in.”

Last week a spokesman for Panini said there had been “high demand”, but reorders would be fulfilled “reasonably quickly”. By the beginning of this week stock had been replenished.

Football sticker fever also gripped Northern Ireland with the release of Panini’s counterpart Northern Ireland starter pack and stickers to celebrate its team’s entry into the Euro 2016 finals, which was sealed with a 3-1 victory against Greece in October.

Eugene Diamond of Diamonds in Ballymena said: “I was the first shop to get them in and that got picked up by UTV. The packs have gone brilliantly for me over the weekend. I’ve not sold out but I ordered a lot of stock and not one has been sold to a child. All my customers have been adults.”

Collectable company Topps has also announced the release of its first-ever UEFA Champions League official sticker collection.

The album for the 2015/16 season features performance data, statistics and group information for all 32 qualified teams. Its official on-sales date is 17 December.