Newsquest has launched two regional newspapers in the north of England: The Salford City News is a newspaper for the city, which is part of Greater Manchester, while a further boost comes from a Teeside edition of the Northern Echo. 

The former made its debut on newsstands on 24 January, retailing at 80p, with its first issue leading to a sales battle between the new arrival and the Manchester Evening News (MEN). 

Newsquest boost following BBC documentary

Its first edition promised to fight for residents and “bang the drum for this great city”. The MEN hit back with figures revealing its newspaper and website regularly reached nine of out 10 local residents. 

Editor of Salford City News Karl Holbrook said: “We’ve heard from people that they feel let down and ignored, so we want to stand up for this great city.”

The Teesside edition will take in Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland and Hartlepool. 

Newsquest buyout of CN will lead to losses for retailers