The RN team’s end of week news wrap

Retailers need more information about their display ban options

An RN survey this week showed that one in five are yet to decide how to they will make their gantries compliant ahead of 6 April next year. On a trip to Imperial’s Bristol call centre, we listened to a call between the tobacco company and a retailer who asked: “Who will be coming to fit my doors?” It was clearly explained to the retailer – who owns his own gantry – what his responsibilities are and where his options lie. It’s a good job manufacturers are having these conversations because the government doesn’t seem to have raised awareness of its own laws.

Publishers continue to invest in children’s magazine sector

Egmont Publishing is to launch a monthly educational title aimed at preschool children called Play & Learn. The first issue, on sale 7 October, will be based around Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It has a cover price of £3.99. Signature Publishing is also introducing a new preschool title with the launch of Milkshake!, on sale from 9 October. The title is based on Channel 5’s award winning children’s strand and has a cover price of £3.25.

Ferrero to boost chocolate range with new promotions

Not content with driving £700,000 worth of retail sales on its Nutella & Go product in a month, Ferrero is now aiming for a similar boost for its Kinder chocolate range by launching an on-pack promotion giving away prize hampers and updating packaging on its Kinder Bueno range. The manufacturer claims Kinder is currently growing at 54% thanks largely to its recent Blue and Pink campaign on its Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs.

Symbols are taking their lead from discounters on deals

Booker’s Mega Deals, Londis’ Super Six and Spar’s Payday Deals all share a similar theme. They promote formats slightly larger than consumers are used to buying in c-stores at prices which beat the supermarkets. Readers have told RN they’re bringing new faces through the door and they’ve cleared space to get whole pallets of stock on the shop floor. Is this the future of promotions in independent convenience? Retailers are certainly hoping to see more of them.

Minimum wage rises could force businesses to close

A quarter of independent retailers have already made cutbacks to staff hours following the latest minimum wage increase from £6.31 to £6.50, according to the NFRN. The federation has warned Westminster that future rises could lead to the closure of many small businesses.

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