Retailers across the country are bringing new customers into their stores with BigDL, an app that helps shoppers find local deals.

News UK has partnered with the app and its field sales team is urging retailers to use it to drive sales.

Sam Coldbeck, owner of Wharfedale Convenience (Premier) in Hull, said: “We’ve had 20 customers come in talking about it and some of those are people we haven’t seen before. Customers have come in saying that they didn’t know there was Premier in the area.”

More than 100 retailers have signed up to Big DL since News UK began to promote the app earlier in the year.

Jai Singh’s MJ’s Go Local store in Sheffield was one of the first stores to sign up with the app. “It’s great because it highlights you have just as good deals as national retailers.”

“Younger customers have been quick to download it but I’ve told my staff to help older customers download it too, just like they help them to top up their phones,” he added.

Greg Deacon, head of retail trade marketing for News UK, said: “If you’re unsure how to drive digital sales, give Big DL the chance to drive footfall, sales and customer loyalty.”