The news and magazine market has faced ongoing challenges since the dawn of the internet, yet there are still top publishers that are improving category management and driving sales

Key Publishing

For a company that deals with so many niche titles – military and transport magazines being the major focus – Key Publishing is an impressively active publisher, launching a steady stream of new titles and engaging with retailers to ensure every arrival makes a stir. Buses, airports, Britain at War and Land Rovers are among the subjects covered by the company’s portfolio and RN readers report great interest from consumers.  

Did you know?

Key Publishing also produces well-respected business titles including Air Traffic Management and Airports International.

News UK

Taking a leadership role in the Deliver My Newspaper initiative has helped secure News UK’s role as the go-to company for many retailers. Further support for newsagents was provided by the company’s News Matters summit this year. Store owners were able to learn strategies for maintaining and growing sales. Among these is a new merchandising idea – bring together newspapers and food to go for early-morning shoppers.

Did you know?

The story of Rupert Murdoch taking on The Sun and turning it into a mass-market goliath was the subject of James Graham’s 2017 play, Ink.

The Guardian

The Guardian has gained a reputation for building a real partnership with retailers and, unlike many, has not cut its margins throughout 2018. Additionally, The Guardian is another publisher that has taken a leading role within the Deliver My Newspaper initiative – using its salesforce to support retailers to improve news stand and HND sales. All of this despite also reaching its goal of one million online subscribers for its website. 

Did you know?

The Guardian has specific sites for the US and Australia, with journalists covering the news from these countries and around the world.

The i

Johnston Press’s woes may be hitting the headlines, but there is no doubt that the i team remains confident that its model is one that is still sustainable. This year has seen two price increases, making the i now a £1 newspaper – a price that was, i insiders say, always the goal. With vouchers, PoS and rewards for retailers who find subscribers, Johnston Press has ensured the i is given the best support possible.

Did you know?

When the i was first launched – as a sister title to the Independent – it cost just 20p and ran articles almost entirely taken from the ‘Indy’.

Redan Publishing

Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Disney Princesses make bumper profits from the ever-competitive tots market. Redan has proved itself a good partner to retailers by ensuring this specialised market is catered for and that PoS and launches wow smaller readers when they’re walking around the busy, distracting environment of a convenience store. This year, one of Redan’s flagship titles – Fun to Learn Favourites – turned 20, impressive in such a trend-led market.​​​​​​​

Did you know?

Paw Patrol is a US-Canadian CGI programme with its own live show, series of toys and (of course) a magazine since its arrival in the UK.