Platinum magazine, the most successful magazine launch of last year, has brought new readers into the market, said publisher DC Thomson Media following the latest ABC results

The data showed that the first issue of the publication sold 105,000 copies, a success the publisher said “bucked the trend”. 

The title, which is aimed at women over 55 years old, was one of the standout successes in the  magazine ABC figures covering July to the end of December 2019.  

Platinum editor Ali Kirker said: “We’ve had such great feedback. We have been passionate about creating a brand that’s become a trusted source of information and entertainment.”

DC Thomson Media’s head of magazines, Maria Welch, said: “It was an ambitious decision to launch Platinum. However, DC Thomson Media has an unparalleled history in women’s magazine publishing, and it has brought all of this passion and expertise to Platinum.

“Women in the over-55 demographic are in the prime of their lives and having the time of their lives, and are committed magazine readers and powerful consumers.”

Among those also celebrating the ABC results was Bauer Media, which recorded total sales of 145 million magazines. 

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Chief executive Rob Munro-Hall said: “As Bauer strengthens its position as the UK’s biggest publisher, we are proud to deliver a strong performance this period, and continue to be number one across key markets. 

“With TV Choice leading TV Listings, Take a Break in Real Life, Bella in Women’s Weekly Classics, and Garden Answers and Country Walking delivering impressive year-on-year growth within their specialist markets, these results reinforce Bauer’s ability to attract highly engaged and loyal audiences, and deepen readers’ interests across a diverse range of subjects and passions.”

TI Media was equally celebratory. Group managing director Angie O’Farrell said: “TI Media remains the most valuable publisher in the TV weeklies sector, with our portfolio enjoying healthy revenue growth during 2019 to increase our share of total print by 0.6%. 

“Once again, What’s On TV proved to be the title of choice at Christmas with its ever popular festive double issue outselling its competitors, with 1.66 million copies sold. 

“While the Women’s Weeklies sector remains one of the most competitive, we’ve stayed true to our belief that this audience will pay a premium price for quality editorial and that’s reflected in our £24.7m retail sales value for 2019 and our increased volume share of the market.”

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