Paper Round app grows HND sales YoY

The app has improved services offered by retailers but some have criticised the cost

Paper Round grows HND sales

Retailers have praised news management system Paper Round for improving their home news delivery (HND) service. 

The digital app can deliver to up to 5,000 locations.

Jonathan James, owner of James Convenience Retail, is currently trialling the app in two of his stores, with a total of 2,500 HND subscribers across both.

Speaking at the ‘Convenience Today, Convenience Tomorrow’ event in London last week, James said: “It’s improved the service we offer our customers because everything is automatically updated. Our HND is a growth area of our business, and is up year on year.”

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However, James stressed that Paper Round is “cost-prohibitive” and has called on publishers to help make it more affordable. 

“The cost of running it is hard and more retailers would definitely be willing to have it if there was more flexibility and better payment plans available,” he said.

“It’s really difficult for independents to grow the news side of their businesses, and in order to do that, it would be good to explore the possibility of working with publishers.”

News UK’s head of retail marketing, Chris Hughes, who was also in attendance, claimed he was unaware retailers were struggling with costs when it comes to digitising. 

“Our challenge is usually getting retailers to adopt new technology, not cost,” he said. 

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John Harris
4 years ago

PaperRound’s goal is to provide retailers with the tools to successfully manage their Home News Delivery. We are the only system in the market that is still actively developing and improving the system to help retailers to do just that.

PaperRound have grown 12% year on year on the volume of retailers using our software and we are keen to work with as many retailers / home delivery companies to better manage their HND operation. Our software manages all aspects of HND, including automatic price updates so you are always charging the correct rate, paper round cards or electronic delivery app, managing paper and electronic vouchers, customer standing orders, billing and invoicing (either paper or electronic), offering various payment methods to your customers including cash, cheque, direct debit, online card payment using our customer portal.

PaperRound’s prices are very reasonable. We charge fraction of a penny per customer per day to allow retailers and home delivery agents to manage their HND.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, I will be happy to discuss how we can help your business. Please call me on 01582 380130 or email support@paperround.net

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