A senior director for Lego has confirmed that the distribution of Lego Star Wars magazine will be changed to allow independent retailers the same access as multiples. 

The news comes after Egmont Publishing announced in September it would be making its Lego Star Wars and Toxic titles available only to supermarkets and other multiple retailers. 

The letter sent to NFRN national president Mike Mitchelson reads: "We have in the meantime requested an explanation from our partners (our Licensing partner Blue Ocean Enterprise GmbH and their Co-Publisher Egmont UK) and have discussed the issue raised by you. 

"As an outcome of the discussion I am pleased to inform you, that we have been assured that the praxis in handling the distribution of the LEGO Star Wars Magazine will be changed to allow retailers to have the ability to order and also receive the LEGO Star Wars magazine without a differentiation in delivery time."

In response to the news, Mitchelson told RN: "I am delighted that Lego have acted upon the objections from the NFRN in lobbying Egmont's two-tiered distribution system, where independent retailers were becoming second-class retailers."

Mitchelson confirmed he is continuing to lobby Egmont in the same way regarding its Toxic titles. 

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