Newspapers arriving 15 minutes earlier at wholesalers could cut up to 50% of missed RDTs, according to the NFRN.

Data collected by the federation from January to March this year shows if titles were delivered 15 minutes earlier to Smiths and Menzies, the number deemed late by the Press Distribution Forum would be cut by 71.5%.

Peter Williamson, the NFRN’s head of news operations, estimated cutting late deliveries to the wholesaler by that amount could cut up to 50% of late deliveries to retailers.

“Publishers need to realise the knock-on effect of the late arrivals,” he said.

Neil Jagger, Trinity Mirror’s general manager and group newspaper sales director, said newspapers have to remain relevant by printing the most up-to-date news.

However, he added: “We try every night to complete distribution in the fastest possible time. We work closely with wholesale to schedule arrivals as timely as possible.”

Paul Bacon, sales and marketing manager for the i, said he would support further discussion between the industry, adding: “It’s not in anyone’s best interest to arrive at the wholesaler so that RDTs can’t be met.”