Newsquest trials reward scheme

Posters, window stickers, A-boards and HND leaflets are available for participating stores

Newsquest is giving stores that promote one of its local editions cash rewards and a higher rate of retail margin than other outlets, as part of a new trial. 

On 25 March, The Cumberland News relaunched as a tabloid with a 10p cover price rise to £1.60. While the standard rate of retail margin fell from 18% to 17%, the 18% rate will be maintained for NFRN members who sign up to take part in the promotion. 

The publisher said it had posters, window stickers, A-boards and HND leaflets available for participating stores, and that the three outlets to achieve the largest number of additional sales would receive cash prizes of £250, £150 and £100. 

Newsquest cuts store margins to below 15% on more than 40 local newspapers

Asked if Newsquest said it would be expanding the scheme for other areas, regional newspaper sales & marketing manager Robert Wood said: “Yes, within the northern region that falls under my remit we will be working on similar schemes to help retailers increase their sales. In particular, those with home delivery.” 

Mike Mitchelson, owner of Brampton Post Office in Cumbria, is one of those taking part. He told Better Retailing: “It’s a major seller in our shop and for home news deliveries. I’m happy to continue to promote the title, particularly so now I will get my terms protected.” 

Wood added: “I encourage any retailer who would like some help and support to contact me at robert.wood@newsquest.co.uk” 

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