Newspapers in rack

More than half of newspaper voucher subscribers are loyal to one retailer, according to News UK, which has just launched an improved tracking system. 

The system will enable the publisher to improve customer insight, better deal with complaints and  boost sales and footfall, the company claimed.

It is urging retailers to push subscriptions to The Times and News UK titles in stores and convert subscribers to seven-day offers rather than merely Monday to Friday.

Peter Evia-Rhodes, The Times and The Sunday Times’ director of customer value, said: “This voucher scheme will give more flexibility to customers while helping retailers improve the customer experience. Readers are more likely to come back to your store if they subscribe.”

However, a HND agent told RN that publishers should invest in voucher payments for retailers
if they want news seller support. “It takes hours to process the vouchers at 1p each. It’s under minimum wage,” they claimed.

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