National newspaper publishers have collaborated to launch the first combined home news delivery (HND) platform in a bid to grow sales.

Deliver My Newspaper, operated by the publishers of the The Times, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the i, went live on Monday.

The website allows customers to register for delivery of any of the newspapers included on one centralised system, with free delivery for the first six weeks.

In a group statement, the publishers said: “Home news delivery is hugely important to independent retailers and we are pleased to announce that key national newspapers have worked collaboratively to bring an industry-first HND website.

“The launch of Deliver My Newspaper will provide retailers with a platform to promote their home delivery service to their existing non-home delivery customers and gain new customers who may have been unaware that their local shop offers the service.”

Representatives are now visiting retailers across the country to brief them and provide PoS materials.

Guy Day, of Jackie’s News in Kent, said he hopes the launch is the first step in publishers collaborating more on HND.

“The fact they are working together rather than competing for readership means they can all invest into one product for the good of the future of HND,” he said.