A retailer has been left out of pocket by News UK after receiving credit for Times vouchers based on the old price, despite the recent increase.

Kamal Thaker, of Stop Show News in Edgware, sent a weeks’ worth of vouchers in advance to the publisher on 17 April before the 20p cover price change for the weekday and Saturday editions of The Times kicked in on 22 April. However, he was only credited the amount he would have received based on the old pricing.

This meant he missed out on the increased price across 42 Saturday editions of The Times which he had pre-sold.

“I was quite taken aback when I saw the invoice and couldn’t believe News UK didn’t bother to change the codes,” he said.

“News UK incorrectly said I’d sent them back early. Even if I had, they should have changed the voucher code. Their attitude has really been shocking.”

A News UK spokeswoman said: “The issue stems from his vouchers being returned in advance of the issue date being claimed. When a price change occurs the voucher pricing is changed after the relevant issue date and not before.

“He’s been reminded of the correct process for this and a solution has been put in place for future claims. We have credited this as a gesture of good will.”