So News Corporation is now going to split its publishing and entertainment businesses into two separate bodies.
It’s not that much of a surprise that Rupert Murdoch wants to make a clean break between his very profitable television businesses and the publishing arm which includes News International and its titles The Sun and The Times.  It has been a torrid period for the publisher which peaked last year with the closure of The News of the World after the true extent of the phone hacking scandal emerged.

One thing the restructuring of News Corp might do is also pave the way for the group’s entertainment division to try again in News Corp’s bid to take over full ownership of BSkyB, which is likely to be just as controversial a move as ever before.  Mr Murdoch says that by dividing the group it will help each division to recognise its full potential. Although what this will actually mean in real terms for retailers selling News International titles in their shops is unclear. Is it possible the group could eventually sell off such household titles as The Sun and The Sunday Times? And if so, who might buy them?